Scott Werry

Scott Werry

Scott is a litigation law clerk and eDiscovery specialist, who has trained and worked with some of Toronto’s most accomplished litigators. In 2015, in response to a rapidly changing legal services marketplace and, as well, the narrowing of the scope of the traditional litigation law clerk’s role, Scott launched his now thriving freelance practice. From the beginning, Scott’s practice has focused on the needs of solo lawyers and litigation boutiques who rely on his unique and eclectic experience to manage complex, document intensive projects that are difficult or otherwise impossible for small firms to staff in-house.

In late 2018, Scott took a 17-month break from his freelance practice and joined TransPerfect Legal Solutions, a leading global eDiscovery services vendor as a Senior Litigation Support Analyst. In this role, Scott gained valuable vendor-side insight and experience that has proven beneficial to his law firm clients.

In January 2020, prior to his return to freelance practice, Scott successfully achieved certification as an eDiscovery specialist (ACEDS).

Certified E-discovery specialist

Law Clerk Services

  • Review client documents for relevance and privilege and prepare affidavits of documents
  • Assist lawyers at examinations for discovery
  • Review and summarize transcripts of cross-examinations and examinations for discovery
  • List and manage undertakings, questions taken under advisement and refused
  • Assist with the preparation of motions arising from discovery
  • Assist with the preparation of appeal materials
  • Assist with pre-trial and trial preparation
  • Prepare and present evidence at Court or via video conference in accordance with evolving technology (CaseLines)
  • Co-ordination of electronic trials and appeals

eDiscovery Services

  • Consult with clients with respect to early data analysis to identify and preserve ESI
  • Collect and process ESI into review, including de-duplication and reduction of ESI volume through key word and date range searches
  • Attend with lawyers at early-stage discovery planning meetings and assist with the preparation of Discovery Plans
  • Consult with clients with respect to technology assisted review strategies and workflows
  • Conduct first level relevance and privilege reviews under lawyer/matter expert supervision
  • Create and export production load files


Scott Werry:
T: (416) 921-7993

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